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We are a small farm located on the plains of Elizabeth, Colorado.
We originally started with Suri alpacas and added Huacayas into the mix.
We are blessed because we came across Arazzmatazz Alpacas.
Sadly they have retired from the alpaca biz, but thankfully we were able to pick up where they left off!
They spent a lot of time and money on their herd, even traveled long distances to get nice breedings to champion sires!
We were able to start with an AMAZING Huacaya foundation herd and are building from there! We discontinued our Suri breeding program in 2017.
We have found that Huacayas aren't as high maintenance as Suri alpacas and their fiber is more ideal to spin with. No mixing fibers necessary!
We are introducing new AMAZING blood lines to Colorado that can improve our herd and yours!
More about us...
We are originally from Aurora Colorado city living.
Ryan has always wanted to own "llamas," and it wasn't until we moved to Elizabeth and bought a larger property that we were able to pursue his dream.
Like many people we didn't realize that there is a difference between a llama and an alpaca.
We soon learned the difference and fell in love with alpacas immediately.
Our goal is to provide people with high quality show and fiber animals.
We believe we have taken big strides learning the ends and outs of the alpaca and fiber business, and we shall continue.
We love to share our knowledge with new alpaca owners and to show off our precious herd. Thanks for visiting our farm page!
We hope to hear from you soon!

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***No interest payment plans available just ask!